Tax Benefits In Tax Haven Mauritius

Mauritius tax haven is located in the Indian Ocean and for the past decade or so has made a name for itself as a well respected tax haven. Mauritius offers offshore services which includes the formation of offshore companies (Mauritius Global Business Company category I and II), the formation of Mauritius Trusts and Mauritius Limited Partnership Companies. offshore banking is also an offshore service being offered in the tax haven of Mauritius.

Offshore services and financial services in Mauritius tax haven are regulated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission. It was established in 2001. The Mauritius Financial Services commission has the responsibility of registering offshore corporations in the tax haven of Mauritius. The Mauritius FSC is also responsible for supervising non bank financial institutions in the tax haven.

There are many advantages to incorporating a company or doing offshore business in the Mauritius tax haven. For one there are no taxes imposed on capital which is gained outside of the jurisdiction and this can be very helpful for tax planning and those persons who are looking at reducing their tax liabilities. Mauritius companies have become very popular for trading around the world.

As a tax haven Mauritius is expected to provide top confidentiality for its clients. Mauritius tax haven has a strong reputation amongst other offshore tax haven when it comes to providing confidentiality. The names of the shareholders and directors of tax exempted companies in the jurisdiction are not made public. Furthermore the officials of the Financial Services Commission cannot give information regarding Mauritius Global Business Companies without proper consent and this is according to the Financial Services Act of 2007. Trusts set up in Mauritius tax haven are awarded the same confidentiality in that the trustees of Mauritius Trusts are prohibited from giving out information regarding the Mauritius Trusts or its beneficiaries. Confidentiality and privacy is also provided for offshore bank accounts in Mauritius tax haven. Mauritius offshore bank laws prevent the disclosure of information in offshore bank accounts without the proper permission.

The Mauritius Global Business Company Category II which is registered according to the 2001 companies Act of tax haven Mauritius is one of the investment vehicles which the tax haven of Mauritius offers. This Mauritius Company has a very flexible structure which requires only one shareholder and one director for registration. This Mauritius Company is allowed to operate tax free meaning that it pays no local Mauritius taxes and is exempt from estate and stamp duties in the tax haven of Mauritius.

The offshore tax haven of Mauritius offers its clients the opportunities to form Mauritius offshore trusts. These trusts can be set up and become tax residents and take advantage of the low taxes in place in Mauritius tax haven. Applying for a tax resident certificate on behalf of a Mauritius Trusts enables it to operate tax free entity in the offshore tax haven. Mauritius Trusts can be formed by residents of the tax haven as well as non residents. Charitable and Non charitable trusts can be set up in Mauritius tax haven.