The Island of Mauritius

The Republic of Mauritius is an island which is located in the Indian Ocean (southwest). Mauritius is located off the continent of Africa. Rodrigues, Agalega islands, Cargados Carajos are other islands which make up the Republic. Mauritius has an estimated population of 1,264,867. The capital of Mauritius is Port Lois which is also the biggest city in the republic. The official language of Mauritius is English however French and Creole are widely spoken by the population of Mauritius. The local currency of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (Rp).

For a greater part of the history of Mauritius the economy depended on its agricultural sector. Today the development of a thriving tourism sector, financial services and a number of other industries the Republic of Mauritius has grown into a strong economy making it one of the top economies in the African region. Over the last decade or so providing financial services has contributed greatly to the economy of the island. Mauritius is regarded as a tax haven and is able to provide quality financial services to a large client base.

The Mauritius Financial Services Commission (FSC) is responsible for incorporating companies and trusts in the tax haven. The Mauritius FSC is responsible for the supervision of non bank financial institutions in Mauritius. Offshore companies which can be incorporated in Mauritius include Mauritius Global Business Company Category I and Mauritius Global Business Company Category II. Mauritius trusts can also be registered in the tax haven of Mauritius.
Companies which are not tax residents are treated like offshore companies of Mauritius and are exempted from local taxes whilst companies which are tax resident take advantage of tax treaties which have been signed with important trading countries around the world.

Tourism is a very important industry in Mauritius. Over the last decade tourist arrivals has grown on the island. Tourists who visit Mauritius come mainly from the European continent with most visitors coming from France. Mauritius is primarily a destination for beach and resort tourists. There are many top well known international resorts on Mauritius and they offer spectacular vacation packages and honeymoon packages. The island has many natural attractions which include scores of beautiful beaches, rain forests, parks and historic sites. Tourism makes a great contribution to the economy of Mauritius and employs a substantial number of residents of Mauritius.

Travelling to Mauritius is not a complicated feat. The country has a national airline which flies to many countries around the world including European countries and Australia. The airline has partnered with some of the well known global airliners to make a trip to Mauritius as quick as possible. Major cruise liners also make frequent stop in Mauritius so travel to Mauritius is not limited as there are many choices.

Staying in Mauritius is truly living in paradise. There are many resorts, hotels, villas, inns and apartments in Mauritius to fit any budget. Resorts and hotels are located on the most scenic and secluded beaches. Accommodations in Mauritius are equipped with modern amenities and are able to provide offshore services which will ensure that visitors enjoy their stay on the island.