Global Business Company II

The Mauritius Global Business Company II is one of two types of tax friendly companies being incorporated in the tax haven of Mauritius. The Mauritius Company can engage in trade around the word however it is not allowed to trade or carry out any type of business operation in the tax haven of Mauritius. A Mauritius company can be incorporated as one of the following types of business companies: A Mauritius Company limited by guarantee, A Mauritius Company limited by shares and guarantee, A Mauritius Company limited by shares, A Mauritius limited life company, a foreign company and a Mauritius unlimited company.

A Mauritius Global Business Company is a non resident company which therefore means that this type of Mauritius pays no local taxes in the offshore jurisdiction of Mauritius. Mauritius companies pay no capital gains tax or withholding taxes. A Mauritius Global Business Company II is exempted from taxes on income earned outside of the jurisdiction by the business company. The Mauritius Company is also exempted from paying stamp duty.

Owning or incorporation a Mauritius business company given the global economic crisis is a very sound business investment. The Mauritius Company can be used as a means of protecting assets and also managing them. This type of Mauritius business company structure is very easy to incorporate; in fact it takes a total of two (2) business days to incorporate a Mauritius Global Business Company II. In order to incorporate in the tax haven of Mauritius a registered agent must be contracted by the prospective business company owners.

This type of Mauritius Business Company is formed easily as it has a very simple structure. For the formation of a Mauritius Global Business Company there is the need for only one (1) shareholder and one director. A company secretary can also be appointed. The director of company can be a resident of the tax haven of Mauritius.In order to incorporate a Mauritius company a number of forms following documents must be completed and be made available to the registrar of companies by the registered agent. An application form which is also known as Form 1. A consent form signed by the directors of the company must be submitted. This is formally known as Form 7. The shareholders of the Mauritius Company also have to sign a consent form as well as appointed secretaries. The additional details to be submitted include the name and address of the registered agent. The names and addresses of the persons applying for the registration of the Mauritius Company along with the names and addresses of the proposed shareholders and directors of the offshore company. The objectives of the company as well as the types of shares to be issued must be stated. It must also be stated the type of company which will be registered (company limited by shares or guarantee etc.)

In the view of the fact that the Mauritius Global business company II does no business within the territory Mauritius business company act does not oblige this Mauritius company to file its annual tax audits with any authority in the tax haven. The company information such as the names of and information concerning shareholders and directors is not made public in the offshore tax haven of Mauritius.