Global Business Company I

The tax haven of Mauritius according to the Mauritius Companies Act of 2001. This type of Mauritius Business Company is allowed to do business anywhere in the world but the tax haven of Mauritius. The Mauritius Global Business Company is regulated and incorporated by the Mauritius Financial Services Commission.

The Mauritius Company can be incorporated as a foreign company, a Mauritius company limited by shares, a Mauritius company limited by shares and guarantee, a Mauritius company limited by guarantee. The Mauritius Company can operate as a fund management companies, shipping companies, trading companies insurance and banking companies.

The Mauritius Global Business Company can be incorporated in Mauritius in two (2) weeks. For the registration of such Mauritius company two company directors and one shareholder is needed. The Mauritius Global business company is allowed to have corporate shareholders and directors. Mauritius business company legislation states that in order for a Mauritius Global Business Company to take advantage of tax treaties signed by the jurisdiction the directors of the company must be residents of Mauritius.

For the incorporation of a Mauritius company a registered agent will be needed. The persons wishing to incorporate the company must submit to the Mauritius Financial Services Commission a few well completed documents and forms. These forms include the Form 1, 7 and 8. The application form which is submitted is officially referred to as the Form 1. The form 7 is the directors consent form whilst the form 8 is the shareholders consent form. These documents must be completed upon presentation.

Mauritius companies act dictates that information to be provided when incorporating a Mauritius company includes the following: the proposed name of the Mauritius company, the registered address of the company, the names and addresses of the applicants, the names and addresses of the proposed directors of the Mauritius Company, the names and addresses of the company shareholders, the number of shares to be registered, the types of shares to be registered, it must be stated what type of Mauritius company to be registered (private, limited or unlimited) and a statement must be signed by the applicants declaring that all the information provided is correct. The name and address of the person who is appointed as the secretary of the Mauritius Global Company Category 1 must also be submitted.

The information submitted for the incorporation if the Mauritius Global Business company remains confidential information. This information cannot be given out unless ordered by the court of law in tax haven Mauritius. The names of the beneficial owners of the Mauritius global business company although submitted to the Registrar of Companies does not form part of public records in the offshore jurisdiction.

Mauritius Global Business company category 1 are considered to be resident companies of the tax haven of Mauritius and are therefore subjected to local corporate and income tax. The Global business company category 1 is taxed at a rate of 15%. There is no capital gains tax, inheritance tax or Stamp Duty in Mauritius.