Legislation For Companies

Mauritius companies were once incorporated and governed by the Mauritius Companies Act of 1984. Today these laws have replaced with the Mauritius companies Law of 2001 in an effort to make the tax haven more competitive. The laws of 2001 introduced companies which are very effective for trading and conducting other business attractions. Under the Mauritius Companies Act of 2001 the following types of business companies can be incorporated in the tax haven of Mauritius; the Global Business Company Category I and the Global Business Company Category II.

The Mauritius companies’ law allows for the Global Business Companies to be registered as Unlimited Companies, Companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee and shares, companies limited by guarantee, limited Life Company and foreign companies. Mauritius companies can be public or private companies.

According to the Stipulations of Mauritius Companies Law the Global Business Company I once incorporated becomes a tax resident of the jurisdiction. This company is eligible to pay a tax rate of 15% on its earnings. The Mauritius Global business Company I can benefit from tax treaties signed with many nations around the world and can have its tax rate reduced significantly to as little as 3% by making use of tax credits being offered in Mauritius. The Global Business Company I under Mauritius companies incorporation with one (1) shareholder and one (1) director. The Global business company I must appoint a company secretary who must be a resident of the jurisdiction of Mauritius.

Mauritius Companies Law has very specific laws regarding the Global Business Company Category II. This type of Mauritius Business Company is not a tax resident of the jurisdiction of Mauritius. Mauritius companies’ laws restrict this type of Business Company from carrying out its business operations within the jurisdiction or with members of the Mauritian population. The Mauritius Global Business Company II in agreement with the stipulations of Mauritius companies’ law is exempted from paying local taxes in its global earnings. The Mauritius Company is also exempted from local stamp duty and estate tax. Mauritius companies law state that the Global Business Company II can be incorporated using one shareholder and one director. The appointment of a company secretary is not obligatory for this type of Mauritius Business Company.

The companies’ law of Mauritius offers the business companies registered in the jurisdiction confidentiality and privacy. The global business company I has to make known the names of its beneficial owners known to the Mauritius Financial Commission but it is not made part of public record. The information concerning the global business company II is not made public in Mauritius. The disclosure of information regarding Mauritius business companies without the proper consent of the Mauritius Financial Services Commission will result in imprisonment and a steep fine.

For Mauritius Company incorporation the Companies law state that a registered agent must be used for incorporating a Global business Company II. All types of Mauritius companies must disclose information concerning company shareholders and directors (names, addresses, nationality). The companies must state the types of shares it intends to issue as well as the number.